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Mar 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> there are big weather changes co >> ama: a happy reunion today for a one-year-old boy and a cal france maintenance man now being called a hero. the child was in the back seat traveling with his mother and grandmother on a san diego highway when the boy had a seizure. caltrans worker jay thomas stopped on the side of the road and performed cpr on the boy, who wasn't breathing. thomas said he learn the technique in classes that caltrans requires every three years. >> the class is pretty long. but i was looking in the back, and i saw the infant and was focusing on that one. >> ama: his mother says the baby is perfectly healthy after the incident last month. >>> play ball! opening day in petaluma, the home of the little league team that made it to the world series. the team passed the torch to the next hopeful champs. they're inspiring the younger generation, they finished third at the little league world series. all 13 of the players from the world series team are now playing on traveling teams. hear from the next generation of players ahead at 6:00. inch inch. >> it's nice they did that
Mar 16, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the 70s, get ready for big weather changes. we'll look at >> carolyn: new at 5:00, activists in san francisco commemorate the anniversary of the syrian revolution with a rally in union square. the first protest in march 2011 challenged the dictatorship that ruled sarah for -- rule syria for years. one million syrians have fled the country. the san francisco chapter of the syrian-american council held today's demonstration. >>> the san francisco symphony says quiet with musicians still on strike. tonight's concert is the third cancellation since musicians went on strike on wednesday. i you have tickets you can get a refund or exchange them. the musicians and symphony manage. negotiated over the past two days but have not come to a resolution. the musicians want more money. the status of sunday's can certain will be announced later tonight. >>> up next, an airline mixup of major proportions. a dog ends up traveling 5,000 miles in the wrong direction. >> and a mix of sun and clouds today. more weather changes are coming our way. meteorologist leigh glaser has the forecast after the bre
Mar 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
clouds are moving. in let change with meteorologist leigh glaser. >> leigh: also reports of isolated thunder and lightning strikes north of the bay area and towards the sierra. let's going to live doppler 7hd. cutoff low just off the coast, and the moisture feeding from south to north near the coast, and some does indicate isolated thundershowers. heading towards the north, check out all these lightning strikes just to the north of rockport, and ramsey. napa, a brief shower, and mad moderate rain in santa cruz and scotts valley and glenwood. there's more sitting off the coast. >> ama: new tonight at 5:00. some unidentified good samaritans rescued two men after their pickup crashed into the water near the mare island bridge in vallejo. the chp and vallejo fire arrived to find the truck submerged in five feet of water. both men were safe on the canal bank after people fishing nearby helped them out of the water. the driver was taken to the hospital with internal injuries. his passenger was left shaken and shivering. >> as you can see it became airborne, landed in water so they could ha
Mar 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> let's get to leigh glaser who is checking our weather. >> leigh: it will be changing next week, but until then, enjoy it. live doppler 7hd right now, not picking up much in the way of moisture, and we're starting to see high clouds and you've probably been noticing them move across the bay area. this i a live shot on the embarcadero in san francisco, very mild. oakland, 66. santa cruz, 65. looking out over the bay, accept rosa, 67. 69 in fairfield and los gatos, 70. folks, here's a look at our forecast highlights. we'll continue with high clouds and clear sky in some location so get ready for cool temperatures. mostly sunny, passing clouds, mild tomorrow and then showers will entry -- be introduced. lows tonight, east bay locations. where you're clear, temperatures bottom out near 40 degrees, and some high clouds will stand near half moon bay and towards palo alto, with temperatures in the mid-40s overnight. high pressure, a springlike day today and will do so again tomorrow. some of the high cloud sitting right off the coast. that is what will venture in tomorrow. so passing clouds
Mar 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
way, sunset today is at 6:12. tomorrow, because of the time change overnight it will be at 7:13. so remember tonight is the night before you go to bed, move the clocks forward one hour. it is 58 right now in san francisco. san carlos, 54. santa cruz, 63. beautiful shot from the rooftop cam toward thursday embarcadero. santa rosa, 69. check out fair feel right now. 70 degrees. union city 60. so here's a look at our forecast highlights, and it does include some clear sky overnight. it will be cool inland. remember, as i just mentioned, spring forward tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m. set the clocks ahead one exphowr get ready for wormer days -- warmer days next week. here's the lows, mid-to upper 30s, so chilly the and clear sky. look for temperatures in the 40s, and this is going to be high pressure that continues to build in. we saw the effects today. not in the way of cloud cover, and temperatures warmed up as much as six degrees, and get ready for warmer days ahead. in fact temperatures next week, many locations, mid-70s. here's a look at the highs tomorrow. morgan hill, 70. 70, los g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5